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DirectX 9.0c (Jun 10)

Enhancing Windows Graphics Capabilities With DirectX

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DirectX 9.0c (Jun 10)

DirectX Review:

 Microsoft Corporation has just released the latest version of DirectX amounting to a size of approximately 95MB. The latest version is DirectX 12 and already you will find NVIDIA leveraging the vast array of features like ray tracing into the graphics processing capabilities of its GPUs for Windows OS using DirectX.

 What basically Is DirectX?

 Ideally, rich multimedia like video games, flash content on websites and even HD movies need more than just raw processing power provided by the CPU. They need graphics processors that can separately handle tasks related to rendering 3D graphics, high resolution 2D graphics with audio and video content in order to provide you a seamless experience. One of the most prominent examples would be playing the graphics-intensive games frequently released for PC or Windows OS. In order to make them more realistic or natural a lot of textures, shadows and many other details are included and without a dedicated technology that allows to use them in coherence with the onboard graphics card none of those richness can be delivered. DirectX is a technology that enables this along with security updates that can be accessed using this gaming APIs, exclusively for Windows.

 - It is a high-level shader language or HLSL developed by Microsoft to enable rich graphics to work on Windows irrespective of any graphics card manufacturer via DirectX APIs.
 - Usually multimedia contain millions of colors for a more natural feel. DirectX enables full-spectrum color graphics to be rendered on the screen. 
 - It provides enhanced audio capabilities across a wide range of frequencies with superior sound that is much more clear, crisp and natural.

 There is significant improvement in APIs that enables graphics card manufacturers to leverage their full capabilities on any Windows device.


 - A new proprietary technology called DirectSound offers new audio capabilities and as mentioned before is compatible with a vast range of audio sampling frequencies and resolutions.
 - DirectShow is another technology that enables true hardware acceleration of the graphics cards to provide better and smoother experience, where previously a software only rendering was possible.
 - Direct3D enables programming low level graphics using its newly built vertex and pixel shader model.

 Ideally, any Windows PC is able to deliver quality multimedia and run various games owing to DirectX platform whose APIs enable graphics card vendors to make it compatible to Windows OS. It is also applicable to HD video and audio playback, and much more.

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